We search for changemakers, public leaders, who promote the ideas of social enterprise to the society. They are real groundbreakers of stereotypic thinking. Share with us your experience of launching the social entrepreneurial programs and be the leader of FORCE FOR GOOD and the prizewinner in this nomination. Reward — rubles
We search for social entrepreneurs, the best of the best. Who is a social entrepreneur? It is a person, for whom the mission is much more important than the profit. For whom to make peoples’ life better is not just a dream but a goal. Ask yourself such a question: “What if tomorrow your business fails? Will you keep running it?” If the answer is “yes”, you are exactly this person, a social entrepreneur. Working on your business you change the society. Some of you have already achieved success in social enterprise business. Of course social problems are always different, but social entrepreneurs from various countries and continents, various sectors of economy are the same. All of them are devoted to their business. We are looking for you, dear leaders nominees! Three laureates will be awarded.
Social entrepreneurs are the representatives of small business community but eligible nominees are the representatives of medium and big companies who invest into social entrepreneurial projects in the frame of corporate social responsibility program. What does stimulate major business social investors to collaborate with social entrepreneurs? More and more often we think about effectiveness evaluation of the social programs. Social entrepreneurship is a beneficiary in the region where large companies are located. Why? Social enterprise is financially sustainable business which can positively change the society. Donations from the large businesses help to launch new projects which will be functioning and developing independently, providing positive social impact on the society. Social entrepreneurship as an alternative to charity or as another instrument of implementation of corporate social responsibility programs is becoming a trend in Russia. And if you already invest into social entrepreneurial projects you are welcome to participate in this nomination.
We search for young leaders! It doesn’t matter if you a start-up or growing business already. The most important criterion is your age. You must be under 30. We are sure that the most courageous ideas are evolved by youth. If you are social entrepreneur (your mission is to solve a problem and it is more important than a profit) we are waiting for you! We will evaluate innovative and original groundbreaking ideas, not the scalability of business.
Eligible nominee is a constituent member of Russian Federation. Understanding social problems of the region, regional authorities set priorities and rely on solutions suggested by social entrepreneurs. It’s rather impossible to develop a new type of entrepreneurship without governmental support. This supports provides impulse and helps to develop social entrepreneurship in the region or provinces. We are waiting for the applications from municipal an
We invite print media, TV and radio companies, IT-publishers, which published or launched a set of TV programs or articles about social entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurs. How a person can become a social entrepreneur? He is willing to solve a social problem, change peoples’ life in his city, town or even in the whole region. But believe us, none of them thinks that what he does has a globally significance. He will realize it when the society recognizes him and his project will be featured on TV, radio and in the newspapers. Challenging projects public recognition is often credited to mass communication media discoveries and promotion.
Eligible nominee here is either a social enterprise or a CEO. We search for project leaders, who develop social enterprise. For example, those, who promote a model of social enterprise in several regions or cities, sistematically solving a social problem in the whole country. We will evaluate the growth of social activity of such a leader, because a growth leads to positive changes, scalability and adaptability.